Prestigious Brands

Looking for a quality watch winder or watch case for your luxury timepiece? Let us assist you in your timepiece needs, as an authorized dealer we offer the world’s most established and esteemed brands of watch winders and luxury watch cases, including Buben & Zōrweg, Underwood(London), Orbita, RAPPORT of London and WOLF. As an authorized dealer, we are able to offer all of these high-end quality collections at a superior value, while also providing full factory warranties. Browse our vast selection and order your new luxury watch winder today.

-The Most Elite Top-of-the-line Brand in Watch Winding Security-

Since 1995, the BUBEN&ZORWEG brand have led the way in combining state-of-the art technology with expert fine craftsmanship in manufacturing high-end watch winding systems. Innovative and top-of-the-line in watch winders, BUBEN&ZORWEG explores and pushes the limits of technology with security while designing luxuriously crafted watch winder TIME MOVERS® and MASTERPIECE SAFES all manufactured in Austria and Germany. Fireproof and anti-burglary VdS certified with alarm and tracking systems, bullet-proof spyglass and re-enforced external hinges are just some of the features offered in these elite OBJECTS OF TIME. Shop exquisite winding systems from the popular collections of Vantage, Orion and the new NEO Series - all perfectly crafted tools of quality and precision to secure your luxury timepieces.

-Classic, Luxury Italian Leather Goods, Watch Winders & Storage Systems-

Since 1945, the Underwood (London) brand is manufactured in Italy incorporating classic style and state of the art patented designs from luxury leather goods, accessories, watch winders & storage cases. With attention to detail, incorporating traditional leather tanning techniques Underwood (London) constructs all its leather goods by trained master craftsmen. Each piece is handmade and carefully built with luxurious materials of fine Italian leathers, carbon fibers and exotic woods. From its single classic to the Evo designs all the watch winders use the patented, high performance Maxon A-max DC motors, a reliable, minimal energy consuming low noise output system. Choose from many styles and configurations from multi-unit cabinets, jewelry cases, versatile storage and winding safes and full custom-made built-ins with design options such as key lockable, combination, biometric fingerprint scan and pin pad push button closures. Experience the exemplary quality of the Underwood (London) brand with secure and proper dignified, housing and storage of your valuable watches and jewelry.

- An All-American Watch Winder Company made in the U.S.A -

Family owned and founded in Wilmington, North Carolina, the Orbita Brand has been manufacturing quality, affordable watch winders and storage case since 1996. From the compact battery-operated Picollo travel winders to the full line of multi-storage lockable cabinet displays of the Avanti series, Orbita Watch Winders have a wide variety of sizes and features. With its open-face design to fit any watch size and the many color options the Sparta Collection is the most popular and easy to use watch winder. With two winding version, you can choose from the programmable winding operation or the patented Rotorwind® system, which uses gravity to gently rock your watch back and forth mimicking the natural movement of the wrist. Have an idea of your own design, the DIY watch winder option with two size cuff options can easily be installed in closets and full wall display components to suit your interior needs. Explore the Orbita Collection, as an authorized dealer we offer a full 2-year manufacturer's warranty and free shipping in the USA.

- Producer of Fine, Quality, British Style Watch Winders, Storage Cases & Accessories -

The Rapport of London Brand has 125 years of British Excellence in the production of Watch Winders, Storage cases and Accessories. Family owned since 1898 and meticulously crafted, each product is produced with timeless elegance and exceptional quality to enhance the beauty of the treasures they hold inside. Every watch winder, watch box and storage piece uses ethically sourced materials with solid British craftsmanship to create the ultimate preserver for your timepieces. As an authorized dealer we offer a full 2-year manufacturer's warranty and free shipping the USA.

-Affordable Solutions for your Watch Winding & Storage Needs-

A family-owned business since 1834, the Wolf brand designs and manufactured quality and affordable watch winders, jewelry and watch boxes. Engineered with impeccable tastes and design from a variety of materials, every winder and storage case is guaranteed to be a cohesive blend of elegance and function. From the single Cub pre-programmed collection in colorful combinations of leatherette to the customizable Churchill line of complete multi-storage winding safes, the Wolf Brand is the embodiment of style, quality and good tastes. Shop the full line of accessories, universal winding and storage systems that you can mix and match in many styles, materials and palettes of colors. Innovations with meticulous details and patented designs, Wolf Est. 1834, is a leader in luxury leather gifts and accessories throughout world.