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WOLF est. 1834

A family owned business since 1834 with five generations of European experienced craftsmanship, WOLF was founded and established by the German silversmith Phillip Wolf. Located in Malmo, Sweden the company creates luxury jewelry cases, watch boxes and watch winders. Innovations with meticulous details and patented designs, Wolf is a leader in luxury leather gifts and accessories throughout world. 

The Wolf brand has manufactured and engineered leather watch and jewelry cases for centuries, with impeccable designs and stylish finishes in a variety of materials, every winder is guaranteed to be a cohesive blend of elegance and function. From their single matching watch winders and cases to there mix and match collections of accessories, valets and humidors, Wolf uses a vast array of colors and palettes of materials to create each piece.  The Wolf Brand is the embodiment of quality and good tastes in stylish and affordable accessories for your watches and jewelry. 

Wolf Est. 1834, Affordable Solutions for your Watch Winding & Storage Needs