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Underwood UN\3227 40 Watch Biometric Winder Module Unit In Leather

Underwood UN\3227 40 Watch Biometric Winder Module Unit In Leather

  • $53,085.00

The Underwood Watch Winder - Biometric Forty-Module Unit is a handmade world class quality multiple watch winder and high security watch storage cabinet, crafted with fine Italian leather, for secure storage and power maintenance of up to Forty luxury automatic watches. Underwood Biometric watch winders are elegant, beautiful, and renowned for the quiet operation of their durable, reliable, and efficient Swiss Maxon motors. The Underwood Biometric Forty-Module Unit features 40 individually programmable Rotobox watch winder modules, each powered by a durable and efficient Swiss Maxon motor. The Swiss Maxon A-max DC motor, the technological foundation of the Underwood Watch Winder - Biometric Forty-Module Unit, is thewhy the Rotoboxis legendary for quiet operation and years of reliable trouble free performance. Unlike keys or passwords, biometric traits cannot be forgotten or mislaid, are extremely difficult to copy, share or distribute. To guarantee maximum privacy and security the fingerprints are not stored as images and cannot be transferred or copied, the system software converts all prints into a mathematical algorithm. The Underwood fingerprint scanning system is basically a stand-alone system which by scanning and recognising the fingerprint sends a command signal to activate and open the electromagnetic lock system in the case. The system is simple to use. In the beginning the owner only needs to register their fingerprints following a predetermined set of instructions. Afterwards to open the case all that is required is to place the index finger on the scanner and following verification, the command signal to open the locks will be issued. The owner of the system can also allow others to access the case, by scanning their fingerprints access can be granted for up to 90 persons.

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