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Underwood (London)

Underwood Watch Winders

Traditional Italian leather craftsmanship since 1945, the Underwood (London) brand is still a family owned business incorporating classic style and state of the art patented designs manufacturing luxury leather goods, accessories, watch winders & storage cases. With attention to detail, incorporating traditional leather tanning techniques Underwood (London) constructs all its leather goods by trained master craftsmen. Each piece is handmade and carefully built with luxurious materials of fine Italian leathers, carbon fibers and exotic woods. Accents of polished chrome, fine jacquard silks, anti-tarnish micro-fiber interiors and embossed finishes are just some of the added details that make the “Underwood (London) collection a coveted possession.

Manufactured in Italy, from the single classic to the Evo designs all the watch winders use the patented, high performance Maxon A-max DC motors, a reliable, minimal energy consuming low noise output system.   Choose from many styles and configurations from multi-unit cabinets, jewelry cases, versatile storage and winding safes and full custom made built-ins with design options such as key lockable, combination, biometric fingerprint scan and pin pad push button closures.  Experience the exemplary quality of the Underwood (London) brand with secure and proper dignified, housing and storage of your valuable watches and jewelry.  All products come with a full 3 year manufactures warranty. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your purchase  


Underwood Watch Winders

With Underwood watch winders, you are protecting the investment with a luxury product that has been meticulously designed with the same attention to details as the watch itself. Any fine watch deserves to be the protection of an Underwood watch winder, whether you have one or 100.

All Underwood watch winders and cabinets are carefully and expertly manufactured in Florence, Italy. Underwood watch winders and winding systems are built and designed by master craftsmen and are designed to accommodate virtually any automatic watch. With a system that enables you to power one or multiple modules individually - you never have to waste any power turning empty units. With ease and convenience in mind, Underwood watch winders involve a system that allows you to remove one or more watch winder for travel. Perfect as the end-all be-all carrying and storage place for your prized luxury watch collection. Every Underwood watch winder is powered by high-quality Maxon A-max DC motors - each featuring high performance permanent magnets. These motors are the same motors used by the European Space Agency and NASA in their exploration advancements, making the Underwood watch winders up in the ranks with the most sophisticated on the market. With many particular technological advantages Underwood watch winders offer a minimal-noise, extremely efficient motor with low power consumption.