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Orbita Watch Winders

Orbita watch winders are made by selecting only the finest Orbita Watch Windersand most timeless materials, including detailed and handcrafted marquetry, sophisticated lacquering that is multi-layered, advanced and modern carbon fibers, and the most prestigious grades of leather. Orbita watch winders were introduced with a new and unprecedented level of quality when they were founded in 1996 in Wilmington, North Carolina. The philosophy that guides the creation of Orbita watch winders is to create products with unmatched attention to detail and of long-lasting value. Orbita watch winders strive to be products that people love to own, because they work perfectly and are pleasing to the eye. You will be proud of your Orbita watch winder knowing that it was crafted with the utmost care, by top-of-the line craftsmen. This dedication to the Orbita watch winder philosophy has lead them to be the leading producer and provider of premium quality watch winders in the world.

Founded in Wilmington, North Carolina - An All-American Watch Winder Company!